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Track Hundreds of Credentials In One Place.

User-friendly by design

When CPE gets confusing, Prolaera makes it simple.

Every state has its own unique Continuing Education rules, restrictions, and requirements. Many of us have multiple sets of requirements we need to track and it's hard to keep straight. Thankfully, Prolaera was designed to automatically calculate your credits and make it easier than ever to see exactly what you still need to complete.

Advanced CPE compliance tracking has never been so simple.

One place for all of your records

Organize your certificates and course records in a snap.

Prolaera makes it faster than ever to enter your CPE course information, store your certificates of completion, and Prolaera will automatically apply your courses to the jurisdictions you need to track.

When the time comes to renew or respond to an audit, your reports are only a couple of clicks away.

An advanced rules engine for painless reporting

Prolaera tracks rules for nearly 200 regulators so you don't have to.

In addition to tracking CPE requirements for CPAs across every state and territory, Prolaera supports fraud, finance, banking, HR, IT, InfoSec, and many other regulators. Prolaera's advanced compliance engine also automatically calculates credit limitations, carryover credits, credit proration, and more for each unique reporting deadline period.

Prolaera does the hard work to make your reporting easy.

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