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Simple, understandable, and user-friendly reporting

Keeping CPE compliance tracking simple.

Making CPE compliance tracking & reporting effective starts by building reports that are easy to interpret and by providing actionable information about urgency. We've focused on designing reports that are easy to understand for novice and expert users alike.

Keeping it simple has powerful benefits - empowering users and eliminating the need for burdensome questions for the training team.

Quick and easy firm-wide reporting

We'll help you keep track of progress across your organization.

Firmwide CPE compliance tracking is smoothly handled in a few clicks on your reporting dashboard that's accurate up to the minute. We'll intelligently show you who is urgently behind (as well as those who deserve a pat on the back for getting ahead).

Whatever your need, pull reports for firmwide progress across a number of activities with only a few clicks and it will be generated instantly.

What gets measured gets managed

Go beyond compliance with engagement metrics

In addition to progress dashboards, Prolaera allows you to track a wide range of other metrics such as evaluations of your courses, registration reports, learning track completion rates, and many more. Get the data you need to measure, benchmark, and improve your training continuously.

Better yet, get more out of your professional development investment by doubling down on what's working, and pruning what's not.

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