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Build Learning Plans That Take Your Team Further.

Show the way.

Simple yet powerful Learning Tracks.

Prolaera allows you to create Learning Tracks faster than ever. Whether it's a plan to help your new hires spool up quickly or for level training to help your team advance in their careers, building individualized learning tracks are only a few clicks away.

Your learning tracks will be the wind in your team's sails to help them meet the future head-on.

Learning resources of all types.

The tools you need for just-in-time learning.

Your learning plans can include formal training, CPE courses, instructor-led seminars, on-demand courses, micro-learning content, and anything in-between. Mix-and-match to create tailored professional development plans for every member on your team.

Best of all? Creating individualized learning plans can be done on the fly - no need for months of planning.

Empower your managers.

Allow managers to easily monitor their team's activity.

The key to creating a learning culture is to get everyone involved. Enable your managers to monitor the learning & development progress of their teams during the year and empower them to help craft the learning plans their teammates need.

With all hands on deck, watch your Learning & Development programs blossom from the ground up.

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