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License Renewal: September 30th on an annual basis

Reporting Period: October 1st – September 30th

CPE Documentation: CPE hour submission and license renewals can take place at The Alabama State Board of Public Accountancy.


Credit Limitations:

  • Self-Study: These credits are capped at 50% of total hours
  • Technical Meetings: Attendance of technical sessions of chapter meetings for national and state accounting organizations is limited to 8 hours
  • Behavioral Courses: Limited to 8 hours
  • Published Materials: Limited to 25% of total hours


Credit Calculation: Half credits are allowed following the first hour

  • Instruction: Credit = to 2x presentation. Duplicates of presentations are allowed if there is evidence of material that has been changed considerably. Preparation will not grant any credit.
  • Partial Credits: Half credits are accepted following the first hour.
  • University/College:
    • 1 semester hour = 15 CPE hours
    • 1 quarter hour = 10 CPE hours
    • Non Credit Courses: 1 classroom hour = 1 qualifying hour


Hour Requirements: 40 hours

  • 8 hours in Accounting and Auditing
  • Maximum of 8 hours in Behavioral Subjects
  • If licensee is a non-resident, Alabama’s CPE requirement will be considered met based on whether or not the licensee satisfies the CPE requirement in their home state. This is contingent upon the home state of the licensee granting reciprocal treatment to Alabama licensees.