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License Renewal: January 1st on an annual basis

Reporting Period: January 1st to December 31st on an annual basis

CPE Documentation: CPE hour submission and license renewals can take place at The Arkansas State Board of Public Accountancy.


Credit Limitations:

  • Independent study, self-study & authorship credits: Credits earned through these variations of courses are not allowed to exceed 60% of the total hours required.
  • Independent study: Must be authorized by the Board prior to receiving credit.
  • Instruction: If material is repeated during the same year, it cannot qualify as earned credit.
  • Instruction for College/University courses: If used as teaching material, courses are required to be at an advanced university level and can only go towards CPE one time during a 3-year period.
  • Other Certification Exam Courses: CPE credit cannot be granted for academic courses or exam preparatory review courses that are applied to fulfill the requirements to take the CPA exam or obtain an official CPA certification.
  • Published Material: An assortment of articles, books, or CPE programs are allowed to be submitted for credit if the subject matter creates an opportunity for the license owner to become more competent in their professional capacity. This type of credit must also be formally accepted in writing ahead of the date for the renewal period.


Credit Calculation:

  • Instruction: A lecturer or speaker is eligible to receive credit for the time they spend preparing or presenting a program for twice the total number of CPE hours that are obtainable to participating members.
  • Instruction for College/University courses: CPE credit for instructing college or university classes is limited to the total number of hours that are available to participating members.
  • Partial Credit: Half hour credits are permitted following the first hour of earned credit.
  • University/College credit:
    • 1 quarter hour = 10 CPE hours
    • 1 semester hour = 15 CPE hours
    • A non-credit course is calculated by contact hours


Hours Requirements: 120 total hours during the triennial period, minimum 40 hours per year; 4 hours in accounting professional conduct & ethics during the first 3 years immediately preceding the expiration date of license.