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License Renewal: June 30th Annually

Reporting Period: Jan. 1st – Dec. 31st once every two years

CPE Documentation: You can document hours or renew licenses here.


Credit Calculations: CPE credit for each event is equal to presentation AND preparation time. Preparation time is limited to double the amount of presentation time. No CPE credits for repeated events are admitted unless there is proof of substantial change in the material presented. Half hour credits are acceptable after the first hour of credit is earned.

Hour Requirements: 80 hours within two years; must do between 30 – 50 hours per year.

  • Ethics Requirement: Rolling total of 4 Ethics CPE credits required for each CPE cycle. New, reinstated or re-entry licensees MUST complete a 2-hour State Specific CPE course on Idaho’s law and rules during the first calendar year in which the license has been issued.

Punishment Credit: If a licensee is unable to complete requirement in a timely manner, they are given until May 31 to complete the requirements plus one half of the deficit in additional credits. The credit is required to be in the same field as the deficit. Ex: If licensee is short two credits in General and 1 credit in Ethics, they have to complete 1 credit in General and 1 credit in Ethics as well as an additional 0.5 credit General and 0.5 credit in Ethics as an additional requirement for not being compliant.