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License Renewal: June 30th (If license is odd numbered, it renews this date for odd years. If even numbered, it renews this date for even years)

Reporting Period: 7/1 to 6/30 once every two years (ending on even-numbered years for even license numbers and odd-numbered years for odd license numbers). The compliance period begins on July 1.

CPE Documentation: Instructions for renewal can be found at The Oregon Board of Accountancy.

Credit Calculations: Measured on a 50 minute hour. At least one full credit hour must be earned in order for the program to be considered for credit. Half credits can be awarded after the first full hour in 25 minute increments. Any other fractions of time will be rounded down to nearest half/whole credit. TEACHING CREDIT CALCULATIONS – Credit granted for 3 times amount of credit the program is accredited for.

Hour Requirements: 80+ Hours for renewal, 24 hours per year

  • Ethics Requirement


  • 4 hours in professional conduct and ethics
  • If programs are offered by a sponsor registered with the Board and include info pertaining to:
    • Oregon Administrative Rules and Oregon Revised Statues pertaining to public accountancy practices
    • Examples of issues or situations requiring a license to understand the statutes, rules and case law relevant to public accountancy practices
    • The Code of Professional Conduct adopted by the Board and set forth in OAR chapter 801, division 030.
    • Review of recent case law pertaining to ethics and professional responsibilities for accounting


  • 4 hours in professional conduct and ethics in any program meeting Oregon’s general CPE requirements
  • If licensee’s principal place of business isn’t Oregon, they may meet the Oregon ethics requirement by meeting the ethics requirement of the principal place of business
  • Governmental Accounting/Auditing Requirement – at least 24 credits in Governmental Auditing subjects must be earned if the licensee is registered as a municipal auditor. Those that are inactive with a requirement on 1/1/2012 and after are not required to meet this standard.
  • Municipal Accounting/Auditing Restriction – No more than 8 credits in Accounting and Auditing subjects will count towards the Government Auditing requirement if the licensee is a municipal auditor.
  • Self-Study Restriction – All self-study programs must be approved by NASBA’s Quality Assurance Service.
  • Teaching Restriction – No more than 50% of credits earned in the period can be earned via teaching CPE programs.
  • Writing Restriction – No more than 50% of credits earned in the period can be earned via writing/publication of articles and/or books.
  • Non-Technical Subjects Restriction – No more than 16 credits per period can be earned in the following non-technical subjects:
    • Interpersonal Management Skills
    • Practice Management
    • Practice Development
    • Public Relations

Effective 1/1/2012: If a licensee is inactive, no more than 8 credits per period can be earned in the above Non-Technical subjects.

Carryover Policy: Up to 20 technical subjects credits earned in excess of the requirement can be carried over into the next period and may be used in partial fulfillment of the 80 hour requirement. No Non-Technical Subjects can be carried over. Hours carried forward from the previous reporting period (carry-forward hours) may not be used to meet the minimum annual requirement.

Punishment Credits: If a licensee does not complete their CPE requirements in a timely manner, they are assigned a penalty of 16 credits which they must complete in addition to making up the deficit in credits in the next 21 days.