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License Renewal: August 1st on an annual basis

Reporting Period: July 1st to June 30th of the following year (over 3-year rolling period)

CPE Documentation: CPE hour submission and license renewals can take place at The South Dakota Board of Accountancy.


Credit Limitations:

  • Instruction: An individual is not permitted to earn CE credit that eclipses 60 hours during a reporting period for teaching college/university courses if that individual is employed by a college, university, or other higher learning institution. However, an individual may claim less than 60 CE hours for a particular course taught in 1 year and claim the balance in upcoming years if the individual instructs the course every year that credit is claimed, in addition to the credit not surpassing the total number of hours authorized.
  • Published Materials: The board reserves the right to approve credit that is completed via published written articles, books, and/or CPE programs that include research and writing opportunities. However, the article, book, or CPE program must be officially reviewed by an independent party and cannot exceed 50% of the hours required for completion in a given CPE reporting period.
  • Subject Areas: For individuals involved in public accounting, no more than 24 hours of behavioral/motivational courses are eligible for credit in a given CPE reporting period.


Credit Calculation:

  •  Instruction: Instructors are eligible to receive credit for the time that they devote towards preparing and presenting in class settings. Preparation credit is limited to 2x the credit that is available for individuals enrolled in the class. For presentations that are delivered repeatedly, CPE credit can only be administered if proven that the material was modified in a substantial way. This type of credit also requires an additional amount of extra study and research.
  • Partial Credit: Half credits are permitted once the first hour of credit has been completed.
  • University/college credit:
    • 1 semester hour = 15 CPE hours
    • 1 quarter hour = 10 CPE hours
    • Non-credit university or college courses can be included as credit but only for the time spent in classroom(s) in the non-credit course


Hours Requirements: 120 total hours, minimum of 20 hours per year