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License Renewal: April 30th, for $230 ($100 late fee applied; if not renewed after 6/30, credential will lapse and require reinstatement)

Reporting Period: December 31st of the year prior to the expiration of your credential (You can report any time in the year).

CPE Documentation: You’ll be prompted to enter your Washington State Ethics course. You’ll only submit CPE documentation if you’re notified you’ve been selected for CPE audit, and must hold on to your records for three years after the end of the reporting period for which the credit was claimed. You can complete your renewal application via SecureAccess Washington.

Credit Calculations: Credits are measured on a 50 minute hour. At least one full credit hour must be earned in order for the program to be considered for credit. Half credits can be awarded after the first full hour in 25 minute increments. All other fractions of time are rounded down to the nearest half or whole credit.

Hour Requirements: 120 hours every three years.

  • 4 hours in board approved ethics and regulations.
  • Non-technical CPE credit limited to 24 hours for every renewal period. These subjects include:
    • Communication Skills
    • Interpersonal Management Skills
    • Leadership and Personal Development Skills
    • Client and Public Relations
    • Practice Development
    • Motivational and Behavioral Courses
    • Speed Reading/Memory Building
  • Authorship/Publication Requirement (writing): after the first 30 hours, the Board will determine any additional credit.
  • One quarter credit for undergraduate AND graduate courses counts towards 10 CPE credit hours. One semester credit for undergraduate AND graduate courses counts towards 15 CPE credit hours.
  • Practice Review LIMITED to 64 hours of technical CPE credit per calendar year
  • Credit for teaching/instruction LIMITED to 72 hours. Credit is granted for time spent teaching the program and up to two times that amount of preparation for instructing in the program.
  • Self-study allowed full credit if interactive; otherwise it allows half credit.